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This workshop intends to gather researchers and industry stakeholders to create a meeting point between Web of Data technologies and sustainability research, to boost the potential contribution of Web technologies, such as Knowledge Graphs (KGs), towards sustainability. In this first edition, the workshop will focus on the identification of challenges and opportunities in combination with, but not limited to, the presentation of preliminary research results from both academia and industry. The workshop will take a broad perspective on sustainability, including ecological, economical and social sustainability, as also specified by the UN sustainability goals. We aim for a full-day workshop, with both an invited keynote presentation and paper presentations, as well as more interactive sessions, such as posters and demos, and discussions in the form of breakout groups in order to obtain as one of the workshop outcomes a research roadmap in the area of knowledge graphs for sustainability.

Global challenges need global large-scale solutions. This includes the challenge of transformation towards sustainability. The Web in itself is such as global large scale infrastructure, as well as a complex system in itself, that can in various ways support this transformation. In particular, a complex problem such as sustainability needs large scale interconnected data to be understood and addressed, whereas large scale Web KGs specifically intend to make available such data. Hence, we believe that the Web and in particular large scale Web KGs play a key role in the digital support needed for the transformation towards sustainability.

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